Oklahoma City is ranked North America's no. 1 easiest city to conduct business in

Published Friday, October 18, 2019
by Chamber Staff

If there’s one thing we love doing, it’s bragging about how great an environment OKC is for starting a business: it’s been ranked among the top cities for serial entrepreneurs, top cities for small businesses, and has high marks from the Brookings Report among many other accolades. But clearly we’re not the only ones who love talking about how great OKC is for businesses, because an unprecedented study conducted by a team of undergraduate researchers at Arizona State University found that Oklahoma City is North America’s easiest city in to conduct business in.

The study, called “Doing Business North America,” ranks more than 100 cities in North America based on their ease of doing business. The cities are ranked by a score given to them after calculating how they fare in core variables such as their ease of starting a business, handling taxes, employing workers and more. “While the DBNA is inspired by other similar reports that score and rank locations on the burden of business regulations, this study seeks to drill down further than most of them do.”

Oklahoma City tops the list with an incredible score of 85.22. To put into perspective how great that is, the no. 2 city, Arlington, VA, has a score of 84.41, and the no.3 city, Sioux Falls, SD, has a score of 84.24. Oklahoma City remained in the top 25 for all six of the study’s categories used to calculate the overall scores, and was even in the top 15 in three of those six (employing workers, registering property, and resolving insolvency).

You can learn more and read the full study here.

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