MMR Prime Steakhouse pumping out the hits under new chef Jonas Favela

Published Wednesday, April 11, 2018
by Dave Cathey

Oklahoma City — Hiding inside what was a Chinese buffet for many years in a building that shares a parking lot with Petsmart and Big Lots is one of the city's most elegant dining experiences.

They called it the Meat Market Refectory and Market when it first opened in 2016, promising an ambitious approach to fine dining and upscale groceries. But Jonas Favela is the new chef in town.

Gone is the market and the confusion over what this oddly named, seemingly misplaced restaurant is all about.

Now answering to the name MMR Prime Steakhouse, 2920 NW 63 St., Favela came into the kitchen last year, bringing a direction guided by two decades supporting some of the city's best restaurants.

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