Oklahoma City gets European-style patisserie

Published Thursday, March 29, 2018
by David Dishman

Combine one part Argentine and one part Italian with years of culinary studies, give the duo a new restaurant, and you've written the recipe for an Oklahoma City patisserie.

Ganache Patisserie opened recently under the ownership of Laura Szyld and her husband Matt Ruggi. Szyld, from Argentina, and Ruggi, from Italy, specialize in intricate and elaborate desserts having spent years studying in Argentina, Paris and across Europe. The two chefs were drawn to Oklahoma with a desire to leave their mark on an up-and-coming Oklahoma City food scene.

“We like the idea of making this our home and inviting people to come and enjoy this with us,” Szyld said. “Everyone that comes in likes it, I just need everyone to come in and just try it and they'll know the difference. I'd love for everyone to be able to appreciate a real pastry.”

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