Board game business owners are playing to win

Published Thursday, December 7, 2017
by David Dishman

Parker and Jarah Banks are small-business owners in northwest Oklahoma City who pay bills, stock inventory and sell goods to consumers, just like other business owners across Oklahoma and the rest of the country.

But these two play the game a little differently.

The Bankses own PB&J games, a business dedicated to board games. The pair know they are operating in a niche market, one many might be surprised to learn exists, but they love their work because of the departure from traditional retail.

"Our heart behind it — yes, we love board games and, yes, it's a great hobby — is that people would find a new way to spend time together and a way to find community that this day and age we don't get as much of," Jarah said. "We don't have (as much) people interaction, and we enjoy helping people find that again."

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