Vanessa House brewery to open next year in downtown Oklahoma City

Published Friday, November 10, 2017
by Steve Lackmeyer

Entrepreneurship built on the stone pavers at Devon Energy Center and friendship at the University of Oklahoma is behind the latest brewery set to be built along Automobile Alley.

Vanessa House, 118 NW 8, is set to open in late 2018 as development continues to emerge along the east-west streets between Midtown and Automobile Alley.

Redevelopment of the three buildings that include 118 NW 8 dates back to 2011 when Adam Fink started his stone business Elevated Paver Systems with a contract at Devon Energy Center.

“We needed a place to store of materials,” Fink said. “We found the space online and rented it. We were living in a camper so we moved it into the warehouse to be closer to the job.”

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