Art Deco building to be redeveloped along downtown Oklahoma City's Film Row

Published Saturday, September 2, 2017
by Steve Lackmeyer

The International Crystal buildings along Film Row are under a sale contract and the buyer is wasting no time starting redevelopment plans.

The series of storefronts along the 700 block of W Sheridan Avenue and an adjoining building at 10 N Lee Ave. were built in the heyday of Film Row and included the local branch of MGM Studio. International Crystal Manufacturing, which operated along Film Row for 66 years, called the block its home for the past few decades before shutting down in May.

The buyer, Eric Fleske, submitted plans to for approval by the Downtown Design Review Committee. Those designs by William Sullens and Phase One Design include replacing storefronts filled in years ago with black covering and creating a series of entries and large windows that could accommodate retail and restaurants.

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