Development goes west on Western Avenue in Oklahoma City

Published Friday, July 28, 2017
by Steve Lackmeyer

A rundown stretch of Western Avenue just west of Midtown is set to be redeveloped into a mix of housing, restaurants, retail and offices.

Shyon Keoppel has built several modernist homes in the urban core and is partners with restaurateur James Vu in La Brasa, a restaurant near NW 25 and Classen, and Kong's Tavern at NW 10 and Walker. His latest project may be his most ambitious yet, transforming a stretch of Western Avenue between NW 11 and NW 13.

Keoppel started developing properties in Midtown about two years ago, first tackling a home at 524 NW 8 that was long used for drugs and prostitution. After initially trying to restore the house, he concluded the exterior was too far gone to save and instead built a modern contemporary home similar to others being built in Midtown.

“Midtown has skyrocketed in price, so I figured what would be next is Western Avenue,” Keoppel said. “I think this will be very much like Midtown. It has a lot of traffic and there is more visibility.”

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