OKC Mom Launches Clothing Line For Babies

Published Friday, July 14, 2017 3:00 pm
by Karl Torp

OKLAHOMA CITY - In the cuddly-cute and sometimes comical world of baby apparel, an Oklahoma City mother saw a need for competition.

"I always wanted to own business and start my own company," she said.

So, she stopped practicing law and focused on layering.

"It's kind of our signature color is mint," Briggs said.

Her company started in 2015 called Basal Baby provides base layers for babies.

"I always gravitated toward this high quality cotton basic one pieces, however, they were extremely expensive and didn't make sense to buy in bulk," she said.

The company promises less baloney and as we found out, that's behind the scenes too. Don't expect a posh private office for this CEO. Her desk is at a shared work space in the Paseo called Halcyon.

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