Merchants believe Stockyards City poised for growth in Oklahoma City

Published Friday, July 7, 2017 5:00 am
by Jack Money

One thing Stockyards City has never been short on is history.

But a closer look might reveal some retailers in the commercial district that you didn't know were there.

Plus, a new attraction expected to open later this year is being built now. Momentum is headed in the right direction, the director of its main street program said.

The merchants down here, a lot of them have been here a long, long time," said Kelli Payne, who grew up in the district, since her dad operates a commission company in the Oklahoma National Stockyards.

"Their hearts and souls are in Stockyards City."

While Payne said property and business owners desire to maintain the heritage the district represents, she added they also are excited because they believe the area is poised "for some really phenomenal growth in the future.

"Merchants and building owners feel like Stockyards City is on the cusp of a really big breakthrough," Payne said.


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