Evereve coming to Classen Curve

Published Tuesday, June 20, 2017
by Kateleigh Mills

OKLAHOMA CITY – After construction on Classen Curve’s expansion is complete, several stores will fill the space, including the second Evereve store to come to Oklahoma.

Shannon Barghols, marketing director for Classen Curve, The Triangle at Classen Curve and Nichols Hills Plaza, said that securing the women’s clothing store for Oklahoma City relied on having the right space for the company.

“We didn’t have the ideal spot and then our expansion made room for a lot of different stores,” Barghols said. “It was on our wish list for a while.”

The only Evereve store in the state is in Tulsa’s Utica Square, having been there for a year. Barghols said the stores at the Curve and Utica do have similarities because they appeal to the same market.

“We have a wish list out there and it is just a matter of cultivating that wish list and being able to find the right store at the right time, and for the right space,” Barghols said.

The construction for the outside of the store will continue this summer near On a Whim and Republic Gastropub.

“I would imagine they would want to be open for the 2017 holiday season,” Barghols said.

Amanda Preisler is a project manager at CM Architecture who has worked on several Evereve projects, including the one at the Curve. She said the project design was relatively easy and took about two and a half weeks to complete. The design is in the permitting stage and bids have been sent out for contractors.

When the landlord turns it over to the architecture company the store is a shell. The architects designed the interior and storefront, which followed the company’s list of requirements. Following the design approval at the Curve, construction will begin.

Preisler said the design went smoothly because it was easier to work with a space that is new rather than on an existing building.

“This one has been pretty easy since it was a brand-new construction,” Preisler said. “Ones that aren’t brand-new construction are a little more difficult because they are trying to reuse existing stuff that’s there.”

The building permit issued through the city valued the construction of the store at $275,000 for 2,294 square feet.

In May the Washington Prime Group, which owns the Curve, said that the expansion would cost about $11.5 million for 30,000 square feet. The buildings are expected to open in two phases during the fourth quarter of 2017

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