Opening Chapter: Bookstore anchors Midtown retail corridor

Published Tuesday, May 2, 2017
by Steve Lackmeyer

When it comes to downtown area retail, Walker Avenue in Midtown is the closest to proving the city may be ready to support the return of shopping corridors in urban areas.

Commonplace Books at 1325 N Walker Ave. is the latest addition to the corridor between NW 10 and NW 13. The storefront, among the best displays downtown, anchors the entryway into Midtown from NW 13 and creates an important connection to the historic Heritage Hills neighborhood.

The bookstore had occupied a much smaller temporary spot at NW 11 and Walker, but in its permanent spot that opened earlier this month, it creates a strong anchor for the retail corridor carefully curated by Bob Howard's Midtown Renaissance.

The retail frontage on the first floor of The Edge apartments was an afterthought for developer Gary Brooks, who added the space in response to community requests voiced during review of his proposal for land that was controlled by the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority.

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