Commonplace Books is next addition for Midtown in Oklahoma City

Published Wednesday, January 25, 2017
by Steve Lackmeyer

When downtown residents were surveyed two years on what retail they wanted to see in their neighborhoods and districts, the top three choices were a supermarket, pharmacy and bookstore.

Those choices did not surprise Jill DeLozier, vice president of Downtown OKC Inc., who gleaned similar responses via social media.

“We know that with young people and with people of all ages, preferences are changing, tastes are changing, and people want an experience when they are spending their money,” DeLozier said. “A bookstore is a great example of an experience you can have anywhere, especially in an urban city area. A place to congregate, meet friends. There is still something special about the tactile experience of holding and reading a book.”

Ben Nockels, Nathan Carr and his brother Joe, meanwhile, had the passion to open an independent bookstore — and on Tuesday they signed a lease at The Edge in Midtown that ensures a pop-up shop they started in November will grow and knock one item off downtowners' wish lists.

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