Automobile Alley will be home to city's first urban "market hall"

Published Tuesday, October 11, 2016
by Steve Lackmeyer

Construction will start within the next 60 days on transformation of a 70-year-old warehouse into Oklahoma City's first “market hall,” a centuries-old concept that incorporates civic space into a building that can incorporate multiple tenants.

Developers Brandon Lodge, Cale Coulter and Patrick Murnan purchased the warehouse at 3 NE 8 and are set to open by summer 2017 with anchor Prairie Artisan Ales. Lodge is recruiting an array of eateries, shops, butchers and produce vendors to fill out the remaining space.

The concept was suggested by Wade Scaramucci, whose firm Allford Hall Monagham Morris is based in London, where market halls got their start in the 1600s.

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