More on the Walker Avenue Transformation

Published Sunday, February 21, 2016
by Steve Lackmeyer

I'm spending this afternoon at Organic Squeeze at The Edge in Midtown as I get work done before visiting with the good folks in nearby Heritage Hills. This is my first time to visit the restaurant, and let's be clear, it's far more than a great juice bar. The salad, soup and food bar is healthy and delicious. The vibe is cool. And the view is guaranteed to change.

Earlier this week I wrote about efforts by Midtown Renaissance Group to add more retail space and street life to Walker Avenue between NW 13 and NW 10. I can only imagine how this street will look once construction is completed on the Walker Building at 437 NW 12 across the street from The Edge.

Being out and about has  its benefits, especially when it comes to catching up with folks. Michael Nichols, owner of Iconic Construction, brought his family to Organic Squeeze and provided me with a quick update on this project across the street.

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